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プロトセル | Protocells



油滴から成るプロトセル: 1. 自走性油滴、2017 © Juan M. Castro. 2. pH感受性色素を含む水の中を移動する油滴、2011, Martin M. Hanczyc. 参考:“Metabolism and motility in prebiotic structures”. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B. 3. 自走性マイクロ油滴、2016、Toyota et. al. 参考:Deformable Self-Propelled Micro-Object Comprising Underwater Oil Droplets." Scientific Reports 6.  

プロトセルの分裂 : 1. 脂肪酸滴、 2014. Istvan Lagzi and Imre Derenyi. 参考:“Fatty acid droplet self-division driven by a chemical reaction . Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16.





化学システムとロボットのハイブリッド | ChemBots



化学システムとロボット: 1 . 油滴の進化、2014. Gutierrez et al. 参考:"Evolution of oil droplets in chemorobotic platform," Nat Comm. 2. EvoBot, 2016. Faina et. al. 参考:"An open-source , modular liquid handling robot for nurturing microbial fuel cells. Proceeding of A-Life conference, MIT Press.  



アート・建築 | Art and Architecture



アート : 1. The mechanism of life after Stepahane Leduc, 2015. Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr and Corrie Van Sice. 2. Luminiferous drift, 2016. Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand. 3. Fat between 2 worlds, 2013-2015. Juan M. Castro  




建築 : 1. Hylozoic Ground, 2010. Philip Beesley. 2. Future Venice, 2010, Rachael Armstrong.  



ラスムッセン教授 | Professor Steen Rasmussen










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